b-ak3d asked : what method for catching a shiny would you say works best? (for pokemon x)

It depends what you are going for! Different methods for different things, each one has its quirks! Overall:

  • If you are NOT good at chaining, then the Friend Safari is best, providing you are looking for a Pokemon that is obtainable in the Friend Safari. This also will guarantee a couple perfect IVs. HOWEVER, you might not find the shiny Pokemon you want still, since there are 2-3 Pokemon for each Friend Safari (depending whether they have beaten the game).
  • If you are good at chaining, then I believe that chain fishing will find you a shiny faster than the Friend Safari. HOWEVER, unlike the Safari, you are NOT guaranteed at least a couple perfect IVs, and there is even more of a limit to what Pokemon you can find (you aren’t going to find a shiny Breloom in the water). Normal chaining is good too, but I think chain fishing is a bit faster (different Pokemon available each way). I know for regular chaining, the rate at its best will be higher than Friend Safari.
  • If you DON’T want a Pokemon that is available in the Safari or Chaining (either method of chaining), then Masuda is the best method, since you can do any breedable Pokemon. ALSO, this is good if you want a particular nature and IVs.

I tend to go for Masuda myself since I get distracted easily while chaining, and I want a couple competitive shinies (or I am busy shiny breeding for friends), but it really depends what suits you. Hope that helps! c:

smilingrocket asked : I'm not sure if it was a shiny or a glitch in the game, but a long time ago in Pokemon Ruby I ran into a Tentacool with blue where the red parts where. It was weird, I think it might have been a glitch, not entirely sure.

Nope, that is a shiny! Shiny Tentacool has teal eye spot things. I don’t think that there are many colour glitches in Pokemon, except for one in XY (I think it is a monochrome colour glitch).

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