As some of you may have noticed, I have a special page that is called the “Plushie Guide" which serves as a list of places to get great Pokemon plushies, as well as listing wonderful people who do custom plushies.

Today I have added a few more custom plush makers, as well as added some hoodie and kigurumi (onesie) makers to this list!

If you are looking for a hoodie, onesie/kigurumi, or a great Pokemon plush (or maybe just want to know some tips on how to tell real from fake plushies), take a look at the new and improved Plushie Guide!

Hope this helps everyone interested in great plushies, hoodies, and onesies! I’ll add more names to the list over time!

- Kat


P.S. Seeing that it now includes hoodie and kigurumi sellers, it should have a different name, any suggestions?

Due to request, I am constructing a list of some places to buy Pokemon plushies (mostly online), separating the lists by originals (anything that isn’t custom-made), and custom-made by other artists. I will also try to include a price range for custom and some of the originals. May include my opinions and ratings for places I have personally used or have heard good things for. Tips for purchasing will be listed at the bottom. :)

Putting this under READ MORE, for this is a VERY long list with almost twenty different places to get plushies, as well as a lengthy guide at the end to help you know what to look for, as well as who to avoid. I will update this list in the “Plushie Guide" section of my Tumblr.

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