• NORMAL: What is your favourite Pokemon?
  • FIRE: What game would you like to see Pokemon get a crossover with?
  • WATER: What makes you happy?
  • GRASS: What is your favourite flower?
  • FIGHTING: What would your Pokemon team be if you were the Elite Four Champion?
  • GHOST: What is the weirdest thing that has ever happened to you?
  • FLYING: What features would you like to see in future Pokemon games?
  • ELECTRIC: What is your favourite video game?
  • PSYCHIC: What animal(s) and plant(s) would you like to see as Pokemon in the future?
  • DARK: What is a feature that was in old Pokemon games, that you would like to see return?
  • POISON: Do you own any Pokemon merchandise?
  • GROUND: What is your favourite TV show?
  • ROCK: What is the hardest thing you've ever had to do?
  • ICE: Do you have any Pokemon/trainer OCs? What are they like?
  • BUG: Where would you like to see a Pokemon region based on?
  • STEEL: What Pokemon is your favourite Pokemon of each colour class (eg. fave red Pokemon)?
  • DRAGON: What trainer class do you think you would be in the Pokemon world?
  • FAIRY: What is your dream?
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Pokemon Palooza
Hi there! My name is Kat, and this is my Pokemon blog! I hope that you enjoy what you see here.

Please look at the "What is PMD Askbox" page before you ask for a team or what Pokemon you are.

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Check the "My Art/Backgrounds" for information regarding commissions/backgrounds/etc.

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