Rock Bomber’s Song of the Week: Ending Theme | Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal

This is definitely my favorite ending theme from Pokemon

Hello everyone! It is time to begin my second article in my main game analysis series, to remind people of all the pros and cons of all the old games before XY comes out!

Each analysis will contain a list of pros and cons for the games, and talk about features that were included (or went missing)! Something important I will mention is that this is NOT a technology comparison. The fact that older games do not have later features is NOT a con, but simply a fact that the technology was not developed yet for the games. That being said, a later game missing a certain feature will be a con (if the feature was interesting). I will also not repeat points when they are true for the entire series.

For those just coming in, here are links for the other articles in this series: RBY

Pokemon Gold/Silver were released in North America in the year 2000, with Crystal coming out a year later. This was a very exciting time, as these games acted as sequels to RBY, rather than just separate games. These games were very unique, as it allowed travel to the previous region, something that we have yet to see again (except in the remakes). With that, let us begin with the pros and cons!

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