New Pokemon XY Anime Trailer!

This trailer shows a few more things (that have already been predicted for the most part):

  • Ash will catch a Fletchling (expected, seeing that he has caught all the common birds so far); you can see this when he is battling Viola, the bug type gym leader
  • Clemont will have a Bunnelby (very interesting, seeing that he probably is an Electric gym leader, and was see with Dedenne before; perhaps he catches it due to his sister’s affinity for cute things?)
  • Professor Sycamore studies Mega Evolution (this was also said in an interview recently)
  • Ash will get a Froakie (this is revealed by looking at one of the episode title names revealed on another site, “Froakie vs Fletchling: Air Assault Battle”)
  • Clemont appears to have several large gears in his gym
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