enigmatised-deactivated20130213 asked : Can you tell me what my team would be please? I do prefer earlier generations if possible but just tell me what fits best. :)

I will keep that in mind. For a team, I will pick a starter and various other Pokemon, only a brief description though as there are many Pokemon on a team. You are free to contact me about any choices if you desire more explanation about any of them. Rather cynical in nature, you prefer to be a more realistic individual. You are rather frank with matters, and will say whatever is on your mind, even though you might not feel the most confident at times. You also maintain strong beliefs. Your team would be Samurott, Spearow, Torkoal, Chatot, Mandibuzz, and Granbull. :)

For those who are curious, I currently have over 300 of these to complete! Never fear though, I know that there are some duplicates! Also, I will NOT include any gen 6 Pokemon in these until I have Pokedex entries to analyze them from.

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