Due to request, I am constructing a list of some places to buy Pokemon plushies (mostly online), separating the lists by originals (anything that isn’t custom-made), and custom-made by other artists. I will also try to include a price range for custom and some of the originals. May include my opinions and ratings for places I have personally used or have heard good things for. Tips for purchasing will be listed at the bottom. :)

Putting this under READ MORE, for this is a VERY long list with almost twenty different places to get plushies, as well as a lengthy guide at the end to help you know what to look for, as well as who to avoid. I will update this list in the “Plushie Guide" section of my Tumblr.

Original Plushies:

•    PokeVault; A little more expensive, but a GUARANTEE that they are not bootleg plushies (I don’t think they are lying about this either). You can decide the importance of that too you.
•    Toysnjoys; Generally these are around the same prices that you will find at conventions, ranging from $15-90. I used these guys once and found the order a little slow, but the parcel will arrive safely, and the plushies are of good quality. Some less common ones are here too.
•    ToyWiz; Prices are pretty reasonable here, some plushies being a little cheaper, some being a little more expensive than elsewhere. I have never used these guys myself, but it offers a lot of help with shipping, and is based in the USA (which is quicker for North American customers).
•    AnimeRaro; There is a TakaraTomy section, which is definitely a real (and very good) seller of Pokemon plushies. I do not believe any of the plushies available here are bootleg, and they are generally well-priced. However, I could be wrong, so be sure to look at tags and such.
•    TOYSRUS; Great since it is a real store, plus you have a website you can access to place orders. Prices are on the cheaper side, but you will only find more recent plushies. I would not suggest it if you are looking for rare or older generations.
•    Conventions; Actual anime and comic conventions are great. I have bought several (no Pokemon, but around 10-15 other characters) plushies from an anime convention that comes near where I live every year. It is a great way to see and handle the merchandise upfront and try to haggle for a better deal. Occasionally you will find rare plushies too.
•    Ebay; I know that not everyone is comfortable with Ebay, but I have done a few plushie purchases using Ebay, and sometimes it is the only way to find rare plushies. Remember though, bootlegs appear. A guide to easy Ebay shopping and avoiding bootlegs will be listed at the bottom with my tips. PLEASE LOOK AT MY LIST OF SELLERS TO AVOID.

Custom Plushies:

 •    NOTE: Custom plushies tend to be more expensive than originals BUT you can get some really cool things with custom made, and you don’t need to worry about bootlegs! You must watch out for when they are open to do commissions though.
 •    Fenrienne; Not bad prices for a custom plush. There are some very cute plushies, including custom MLP plushies if you enjoy that as well (I personally just care for the Pokemon). Prices range from $35-60.
•    Rocksabileelapapdi; A little more on the expensive side, but there are some very large plushies available, and the sleeping Pokemon plushies are very cute. Commission information is found lower on her page, including commission status and prices. Generally the prices range from $40-200. 
•    BabyLondonStar: This is a person you really have to watch out for. Sometimes there will be a plushie for sale, but completely custom commissions do not open that often. However, there are some very fantastic plushies made here, and is worth watching just in case commissions do open or you see a plush you like go on sale. Warning though, prices are high for quality. 
•    Grrrowly: There is also a FA (FurAffinity) account for this person is you lack DA but use FA. These plushies are very well made, usually on the larger side, but naturally all of that comes at a more expensive price (leaning towards $100+). Look out for when they are open (which I believe they tend to be more open than some of the other people I have listed).
•    KitsuneCreations: Finally, something not on DeviantArt. These are rather well made, can be on the larger side, and you can even have it made with minky. Keep watch of that commission status though. Plushies tend to be $85 or more.
•    XXTemporaryinsanity: Someone to look out for when commissions are open. Very nice quality, sometimes pre-made plushies come on sale. Unfortunately, I am unsure what prices are like here.
•    Bubble-Rhapsody: Commission information can be found near the bottom of the page. Overall, the prices are expected; around $50-80. There are good updates on this page, and is worth looking for if you want someone that seems to update a little faster and be prepared for more.
•    MizzaMods; These are custom-made plushies, so you might find something cute and unique here, and this is on Etsy rather than DA. Prices range from $15-80.
•    Disneygurl: I do NOT list this for plushies, but more so for custom shoes! Check the prices near the bottom left of the page. The paint-job on the shoes is fairly well done. Prices range from $65-80.
•    PakajunaTufty: These are some of the cheaper really large plushies I have been able to find. All the eeveelutions are for sale, I believe several around 32”. Prices range from $10-110.
•    GolemGeekery: On Etsy again, and open for custom orders. There is a chance of getting more unusual Pokemon like Gloom here, so if you want an unusual Pokemon like Gloom or Haunter, this might be a good place to look. Prices range from $45-70.

Tips and Warnings:
•    I HIGHLY advise anyone interested in purchasing plushies to READ THIS SECTION. There are MANY fake and bootleg plushies out there, as well as scams.

•    For ORIGINAL plushies, I would like to advise people to take a look at the two links listed at the bottom of this. They provide information on how to tell when a plushie is a bootleg or a fake. Now don’t get me wrong, there are some very cute fake plushies (I have one fake plushie myself, and a few without tags, but I do believe they are real due to research). However, fake plushies tend to break more, cause real plushies to be higher in price (since actual providers must compete) and honestly aren’t quite as special since it is really easy to obtain a bootleg or fake.
•    Ebay is VERY bad when it comes to fakes, HOWEVER, you can still find many real plushies too if you know what to look for. If something is so low in price that it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Also look for official tags. You can see examples of the tags in one of the links I have at the end. As I have said before, a few of mine lack tags, so it makes it extremely hard for me to tell whether they are fake or not. I have spent time comparing them with official plushies to try to figure it out. If you have bought a fake plushie before, don’t fret, it happens to everyone. As I have said, I have at least one fake out of my six Pokemon plushies (and about twenty anime plushies). It happens.
•    When you look on Ebay (or anywhere online really), please note that if it comes from Hong Kong or China, there is a high chance that it is FAKE OR A BOOTLEG. All plushies are, for the most part are sold in Japan or the USA. I know a few fake dealers have their shop set in Hong Kong which is why I am singling them out.
•    Be patient with anyone who does CUSTOM plushies. I have sewn a few custom plushies myself, and they do take some time to do. Conventions tend to be during the summer months (May-August), so except them to be busy around then. Try to look back to their page every so often to see if they are open for commissions if you are seeking a commissioned plushie.
•    Just as a little note, for something it irks me, really pay attention to the size. Honestly, five inches is not that big of a plush. If you are looking for big plushies, you generally will want over ten inches (which you are better off getting done custom since there isn’t too many old Pokemon you will easily find in that size that are not bootleg/fake).
•    I don’t remember all the main brands from the top of my head, but some of the main brands for real Pokemon plushies include Takara Tomy (I love my Totodile Takara Tomy), Banpresto, and Pokemon Canvas. If you are looking for a certain Pokemon, I would suggest looking for them with some of those brands first.

•    List of known bootleg (or previously bootleg) Ebay sellers, or people who have had complaints in the past:
    •    *ectransfer
    •    *enforever
    •    *pm-image
    •    *sweetpigster
    •    *powerpapa168
    •    *iou888iou
    •    *happybid2
    •    *lencandy18
    •    *SeasonJoy
    •    *Sunnymew
    •    *littlemonshop
    •    *Lovelyinnershop
    •    *doublelin2010
    •    *izgo90
    •    *nuncle0072009
    •    *suppersuki
    •    *lovedreamstore

•    http://www.pokezine.com/how-to-avoid-buying-bootleg-plushies/
•    http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/3315872.html

Also, just as a fun fact (and promoting myself a bit), I might be offering plushies in the future, for I have been working on sewing my own Pokemon plushies.

Keep watch on this page and feel free to note me if you know any great sellers and I will consider putting them on the list. In the future I will add some known good Ebay sellers that provide real plushies rather than bootleg. :)

If you are seeking a particular plush and are curious if there are real ones, or a good place for custom, talk to me, and I will attempt to find you what you need (no promises that I can though).

NOTE: I am by no means an expert in this. These are just observations of mine, and some warnings. I cannot tell you whether the plush you have is fake or not, nor can I promise that you won’t buy a fake plush. Just look at the links near the bottom I provided, and try your best. :)

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