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well i know i have been looking for a background that has all shiny starters, shiny eeveelutions +shiny mew+shiny mewtwo all in 1

Please keep all background requests here!

As for your request, that is incredibly complicated, so I don’t think I would ever create something like that. It doesn’t really have a theme, and has too many characters for a nice tiled background. Plus the incredible mix of colours would not blend with any colour well, except for white (which is why I usually avoid putting Pokemon with very different colour schemes together, for it can be hard to make them look good with any background colour).

When making background requests, it is very important to think about how things actually look together, and themes. Colours in particular are important, especially since my style is lineless. Unless I do white or black stroke lines on everything, too many colours will cause something to blend right into the background. Too many characters make a background look crowded (which is why Eeveelution backgrounds tend to be tiny, and I am separating Eeveelutions into groups for larger ones). These are all little things you really need to think about before requesting, for not everything looks good together.

With characters in particular, I tend to limit three per background (since it may get crowded after that, and difficult to fit things), with only a couple special exceptions. You are basically asking me to draw about 30 characters (assuming no starter evos, if starter evos are including, increase this number to over 50) just for one background for you, which is a little unfair to expect (considering I am doing these for free), and ridiculous to fit unless you are doing non-tiled.

respurry asked : Can I just say that you and your blogs are super adorable and I'm grateful to have you on my dashboard? You're fantastic! :3

Ahh, thank you so much! ;///;

I am happy to spread the cute! Everyone deserves cute things, and something to make them smile! That’s my main goal! I hope that you have a really fantastic day, Kits! c:

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