It has come to my attention that some people don’t know about the Pikachu and the bus commercial, so here is a classic from the 90s.

"How do you get a Pikachu onto a bus?"

"You Pokemon."

darnsel asked : hi! i was wondering how you put the color in the background for the pokemon rating grid? i'm using cs6, and i can't figure it out without it covering the pokemon. thanks! ^^

Hm, it should be as simple as using the eyedropper on what colour you want, and the paintbucket tool inside each gridspace.

My guess is that you have created another layer that you are colouring in, which causes the paintbucket tool to fill that layer, and if that layer is on top of the one with the grid, the entire screen will be fill rather than a single gridspace.

I would double-check what you are doing with layers. You can either work in the same layer as the actual grid, making it easy to fill in each box individually, or if you want to get every little space, then you can work in a layer beneath it, but you’ll have to use the rectangular marquee around the box you want to fill before you fill it.

Short version: pay attention to layers. That is probably the problem. Layer order is very important. Hope that helps!

rufusdrumknott replied to your post: terracannon876 replied to your post “…

is that some kind of american joke? xD never heard it while i was in ireland and i was around for the pokemon hype

It was popular in Canada, and the USA, not sure about other countries. Who knows, maybe it went with the Pikachu and the bus commercial, or it was just something in North America, I just know it was a very popular joke during the 90s Pokemon hype.

coxy asked : When I tell people that I like Pokémon, they quite often start to tell me the 'How do you get Pikachu on a bus?' joke AS IF I'VE NEVER HEARD IT BEFORE!! I JUST SAID I LIKE POKÉMON, YOU GOON, NOW TELL ME AN ORIGINAL POKÉMON JOKE!

Bad Pokemon jokes from the 90s never die. I think that is one of the golden rules of Pokemon. I still remember when there was a commercial where Pikachu actually did go onto a bus. At least people try to be witty. People don’t do much when I tell them that I like Pokemon, unless they want me to explain how to get an emulator on their phone.

I am not particularly good at Pokemon jokes, but at least I can make up original Pokemon pickup lines and compliments. Those are far more charming imo. uwu

"Omega Ruby is red, Alpha Sapphire is blue

Hoenn remakes have trumpets,

But ORAS remakes will never be as great as you”

charcoal-charizard asked : Hey, long time follower over here, and I was just wondering how you tile your backgrounds so that they line up when repeated? I was wanting to try my hand at something similar but have no idea where to start >.<

It depends on your program, I use Photoshop CS5. There are two ways to make things tile well. There is the way I show in this tutorial, and there is the offset tool that you can find in filters (I think it is under “other”).

I’ll eventually try to do a full tutorial of how I do my backgrounds, but for now, I hope that helps! c:

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