Anonymous asked : Luvdisc, Smeargle, Swirlix, Dwebble

Aww, I think that you are really sweet too! I promise I don’t Bite (I don’t Roar either, or at least I don’t try to scare people away), if you ever feel less shy and want to chat one-on-one with me! c:

You make me blush even more with Dr. Horrible quotes.

neverwinternoob asked : Luvdisc, Swablu, Metagross and Wooper c:

Bwaaaah, thank youuuu~ ;///; I love hugs and making people smile!

xowolfbaneox asked : Minun

Aww, if you want to be friends, I’m cool with chatting more on Steam or Skype, or if either one of those doesn’t work, maybe on here (however Tumblr does sometimes eat asks, and messages get buried really easily in this inbox). c:

cosmique-latte asked : Smeargle, yo.

Aww, thank you! I honestly believe that running this blog has helped a lot with my art. Doing Pokemon backgrounds, and occasional requests, really does provide lots of practice. <3

roxycake asked : Luvdisc, Nidoking, Smeargle

One day, I will have a set team for battling online. I might accept challenges once I have a set team. Thank you so much, I try my best to make this a good blog! u//w//u

undercoverumbreon asked : Luvdisc, Swablu, Nidoking, Minun, Eevee, Metagross, Zoroark and Porygon! I love your blog! <3 cx

Oh my~! There are so many sweet words in this, I don’t know where to begin!

Thank you so much for loving my blog, and thinking so wonderfully of me! I am afraid that I don’t really battle much (not with real people at least, just NPCs), but I might consider it someday, especially if the Battle Frontier returns and you can team up with friends. Eventually I will take more photos of myself in my Ampharos hoodie, and my Plusle hoodie. <3

If people want to chat with me and get to know me more, I’m fine with people contacting me with Skype info or Steam! I like chatting with new people and making new friends! I won’t accept any anonymous requests though. ^^;

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