team-awkward asked : In all my years of playing pokemon I've never even encountered a shiny. I've done shiny chaining, the fishing trick, and all that stuff. I've wanted a shiny forever. Well let me just say that my 8 year old brother happened across a shiny solrock

If you are really desperate for a shiny, but don’t have the patience for chaining, you should try the Masuda method or friend safari. I find them a little easier for those who either lack patience or are easily distracted (I prefer them myself since I grow distracted). Awesome job by your brother though, congrats to him! c:

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ganondorfdragmire asked : my first shiny that i ever saw was a drowzee in pokemon silver. idk what happened but i think i must've accidentally killed it but i was irrationally mad at the pokemon drowzee for years after. years later i find a pokemon silver cartridge in my house we're moving out of. i fixed up the internal battery and started a new game. right after the third badge i find another shiny drowzee in just about the same place. i freaked out so hard. i love drowzee and hypno now

I have an irrational dislike for Smeargles, so I know how it is. At least you found a new shiny Drowzee and have a new adoration for them! uwu

pokemon-v asked : your the best blog ever

Thank you! You’re so sweet for thinking so! ;///;

amphybox asked : I had HG open at a house party for some reason, just checking out the Safari Zone. Suddenly Shiny Golbat pops out. I just mention it and everyone gets excited, and the hype escalates as we debate bait/rocks/ball. I never had luck in SZ but I got em!

Wow! Safari Zone shinies are so difficult, you’re lucky to have caught it!

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some people did the research to find the odds of friend safari shiny is 1/512 with shiny charm having no effect. 

Thank you for sending this in! I’ve been curious what the exact rates are in the friend safari.

sombrablanca98 asked : What is your favorite pokemon? For my is Frosslas and Umbreon :3

Umbreon is really cute! I love shiny Umbreon myself! uwu

My favourite is Flygon, though I also really love Mew, Vaporeon, Whimsicott, the Ampharos family, and Plusle!

littleblindmouse asked : In my ten or eleven years of playing, I've seen two shinies. The first was a shiny Starly in Platinum (I freaked out when I saw that it had a neutral nature, which I prefer) and my second was a shiny Wingull in a hoard encounter in Y.

Shiny birdies! uwu Start a flock of shiny bird Pokemon, for that is really cute! They have cute shinies too!

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firegirl156 asked : I've been playing Pokémon since the beginning, and other than the given Red Gyarados in the Johto games I'd never even run across a shiny. But finally I found and caught my first shiny, a Hoppip, in HeartGold. The experience was soiled not long after though as I found out it was a fake copy someone had sold to Gamestop. I can't even use it because of how glitch the game is. But the blow was softened however when I started up my Emerald game again and ran across a Shiny female Ralts!

I didn’t even know that people were selling fake copies. I know emulators and such are available, but I didn’t know people actually bothered with fake copies. Oh well, at least you found a wonderful new shiny in a legit Pokemon game that doesn’t glitch! c:

visualvalkyrie asked : My first shiny was in HG (after red Gyarados): shiny Giraffaric! The day after that I ran into another shiny, shiny Magneton. I felt super lucky! But unfortunatelly it was in the Safari zone, and it fled.. Sad times. But I'm happy I at least saw one.

Two shinies in two days, how fortunate! Even though it was the Safari zone and ran, that’s still amazing luck!

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