rickstains asked : Evee

Awww, it delights me to be given such a high honour! You’re so kind! ;///;

pumpkabelle asked : Do you know where i can find blog themes based around a specific pokemon like say pumpkaboo?

Themes or backgrounds?

Themes, I don’t know where you can find ones based just on Pokemon. Backgrounds, I have my own that are tagged “pokebackgrounds”, and you can find some by searching “pokemon backgrounds” on Tumblr. I am not sure if there is a reliable spot for a variety of pokemon-specific backgrounds that keep sources though.

I know for sure that there is an excellent Pumpkaboo background though, and I know I have reblogged it before.

eyewitnesschicken asked : Luvdisc, Smeargle, Dwebble. Love your blog, and your artwork is fantastic! Your Pokemon Backgrounds are so amazing, totally in love w/ the Celebi ones! *-* And you seem so awesome, just kinda too shy to send you a message or anything...

You’re far too sweet and kind! It always delights me when I see people using my backgrounds, or message me about them! I am very happy that you love them so much! I might be awesome, but I like to think everyone is awesome. I happen to also love Madoka (which isn’t posted here since this is a Pokeblog), so if you ever wanna chat on Skype/Steam, just let me know! I promise I don’t Bite or Roar!

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