bleatingsheep asked : Blaziken or Infernape?

I have no idea why I am being asked this. Is this about my personal preference, or for battle?

For my personal preference, Blaziken, but I do think Infernape has an interesting design (I just don’t like its pre-evos as much).

valentyn-the-mad asked : Water and bug? :D

I’ve done Water, so I’ll do Bug!

BUG:Where would you like to see a Pokemon region based on?

Definitely Peru. The Amazon rainforest, the Andes, a neat coastline, and lots of ruins. It would be a very beautiful region. I’ve been designing my own region based off of Peru, that is how much I adore it. The Amazon alone is particularly great, since it has some of the best biodiversity in the world, the inspiration is endless.

Other places I would enjoy would be Kenya, Australia, and Canada. Having Madagascar as a small place to travel to post-Elite Four would be pretty neat too.

carlosofthecosmos asked : water fighting dragon

Did Water and Dragon!

FIGHTING:What would your Pokemon team be if you were the Elite Four Champion?

Flygon, Ampharos (Mega), Vaporeon, Breloom, Sylveon, and Lucario.

I think that would be my team if I was the champion. Maybe with some tweaks, but overall I’d be happy with that. uwu

halcyonwish asked : If you're answering any, how about flying and dragon type?

Did Dragon!

FLYING:What features would you like to see in future Pokemon games?

Excluding features that are currently, or have been in previous games, hm.

  • More features for trading, such as being able to check IVs, message whoever you are trading (or wish to trade), be able to just put a Pokemon in the GTS and see what offers come up, and be able to change the nicknames of traded Pokemon.
  • MORE clothing options. There is a pretty good number of clothing options for girls, but in my Y file where I have the male trainer, there’s very little in comparison to my X file where I have my usual trainer. I’d love more clothing in general, and to be able to get ALL of it (regardless of whether you pick the girl or boy trainer). I have a virtual clothing hoarding problem, I love collecting it and making outfits.
  • No more shiny lock on legends. I know what wasn’t going to include features from old games, but gosh, the shiny lock is rather annoying.
  • More options to further customize your adventure. For example, being able to join things like Team Rocket or particular clubs to get certain exclusives or perks.
  • Have the mail feature return, but be able to fit more on letters and be able to write it yourself rather than use given words. Similar to Animal Crossing. I’d love to write sweet letters to people on wondertrade.
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